Lineup auto changed and started inactive player

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Lineup auto changed and started inactive player

Postby exsted » Sat Oct 13, 2018 5:51 am

Due to unfortunate circumstances I was left with Rhett Ellison as my only TE for this week. On wednesday night I benched him and placed a waiver claim for another TE for tonights waiver (Ellison was supposed to be the waived player). When I checked scores after the thursday night game I was upset to see that the "commissioner" had altered my lineup and placed Ellison back in as a starter (even though he was inactive for the game). I e-mailed RTS immediately to get this straightened out before the waiver claim, but haven't heard back. Now the waiver wire has processed and it wouldn't allow me to waive Ellison, since he was my "starter" for this week. I'm unsure who to contact, but would appreciate this situation to be rectified. Please let me know who my "commissioner" is so I can have them remove the inactive player that they started for me.
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